Constanta, Romania. 28 May 2021 – We are excited to announce our new training program focused on the Safe transiting of the Suez Canal. Suez Canal passage is considered a high-stress, complicated task, that requires handling the vessel in various conditions especially with bad visibility and different environmental conditions. Simulator training improves the ability of masters to take the right decision and action at the right time while improving understanding and cooperation between pilots and masters for safe passage.

We have teamed up with IMAGESOFT to upgrade our Bridge Simulator in our Veritas Maritime training Center – Constanta, to provide you with a highly realistic and sophisticated Suez Canal Training Environment.

Our current training scheme for safe transiting of the Suez Canal includes 2 options:

1. Ship Handling and Maneuvering for Safe Transiting of Suez Canal (2 days) – for those who wish to expand their knowledge on Suez Canal passage only
2. Extended Ship Handling and Manoeuvring with Suez Canal Safe Transiting Scenario (5 days) – addressed to crew that has not attended previously any Ship Handling and Manoeuvering course

Both courses are offered in classroom (adhering to strict COVID-19 prevention measures and protocols) and online, on a weekly basis.

Do you want to relieve the stress of navigating through the Suez Canal and empower your crew with the tools to make the right decisions? Contact us to find out more: