Training Center Instructors

Capt. Florian ANGELESCU

(Training Manager)

He graduated from the Naval Academy “Mircea cel Bătrân” in 1996, Navy Department, holding a bachelor degree in Navigation. His professional experience  is more than 20 years on commercial seagoing vessels and offshore industry (Master SDPO) which  gave him the opportunity to  both apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills. He is now training manager of our training center Veritas Danube.

Ch. Eng. Ionut MANEA

(Lead Electronic Engine Instructor)

He graduated from the Naval Academy “Mircea cel Bătrân” in 2002, holding a bachelor degree in electromechanical engineering.

With a strong background  commercial sea-going vessels, serving mostly on tanker vessel,  holder a diploma in shipping superintendecy started his carrier on shore as technical superintendent and fleet troubleshooting engineer in reputable companies. He is electronic engine expert and  Lead Training Engineer in Veritas Danube.

Ch. Eng. Alexandru STANCU

(On-call Engine Instructor)

Mechanical Engineer with more than 30 years of progressive experience on board of various types of seagoing vessels. Graduated from Maritime Institute Constanta, Romania in 1983, holding a bachelor degree in Electro-mechanic Engineer.